Business Member Code of Ethics

To ensure consumer confidence, we require all business members to sign a code of conduct and ethical requirements. We believe this practice creates an accurate, honest environment with values that reflect our business and ethical beliefs.

Creating an accurate and honest code of conduct that reflects the organization’s beliefs is a great starting point to let customers know who they are supporting with their business.

Code of Conduct and Ethical Requirements

The Texas Solar Energy Society (NBA官方买球APP) is responsible for maintaining the integrity of its website and referrals to the general public to ensure a positive experience for potential and existing solar customers.

Therefore, to be included and represented as a business member of NBA官方买球APP requires adherence to the following Code of Conduct and Ethical Requirements.

A solar installation contractor who does work in the State of Texas commits to the following principles and practices:

1. Conduct business in a professional, courteous, trustworthy, and ethical manner.
2. Comply with all federal, state, and local laws.
3. Install all equipment safely and in compliance with any applicable regulations, including building codes, permitting requirements, and equipment specifications, and provide safety harnesses for employees.
4. Operate in accordance with all relevant local, state, and federal laws governing licensing, labor practices, worker’s compensation, insurance, customer data
privacy, data handling, and any other applicable rules or requirements.
6. Recycle and handle waste in an ethical and environmentally sensitive manner.
7. Install only “right-sized” systems that optimize value for customer energy needs and meet electric provider policy.
8. Not make false or misleading marketing statements.
9. Provide all after-installation maintenance for the contracted time commitment.
10. Consider energy justice and energy equity as part of their marketing strategy.
11. Strive to treat laborers fairly and equitably, promote livable wages, health insurance and life-work balance among employees.

This document is not a contract between NBA官方买球APP and a participating contractor and, as such, it does not create any contractual rights.

I, the undersigned, and duly authorized representative of the below-listed company, have read and understand the Code of Conduct and Ethical Requirements.

On behalf of my company, I confirm that I have management authority to commit the company, its employees, and contractors to follow the Code of Conduct and Ethical Requirements. I understand that this agreement must be signed and submitted to NBA官方买球APP at the beginning of each NBA官方买球APP business renewal period.

I acknowledge and agree that any failure to comply may result in NBA官方买球APP canceling my business membership.

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