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Credit: Historical Foundation for Texas Renewable Energy

How NBA官方买球APP Came to Be

From humble beginnings in 1976, when a group of university and solar energy advocates met in Austin with the goal of creating a statewide solar energy organization dedicated to educating all Texans about the benefits of solar energy, NBA官方买球APP has been the pre-eminent statewide organization developing free thought-leading, independent, fact-based educational materials that inspire innovation, share best practices and educate decision-makers on the critical importance of sound, favorable solar policies that will grow the industry; protect clean air; build healthy, resilient communities; support local, well-paying jobs; and lay the foundation for building a strong solar foundation for a 100% clean energy future for Texas, one community at a time.

Our Mission:
equitable access to
solar energy for every Texan.

Because we envision a world where our children will grow up in a clean, safe climate, NBA官方买球APP supports bold efforts to educate, inspire and enable every Texan to adopt solar energy as part of an equitable, 100% clean energy future.


A membership-based not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, NBA官方买球APP’s unique niche is exemplified in our well-established local chapters in Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston and San Antonio. Having boots on the ground in these major metropolitan cities, which represent nearly a quarter of Texas’s 30 million+ citizens, enables our gifted, dedicated experts to disseminate fact-based, educational solar information.

Here’s a quick look at some of what we do:

  • Work with low-to-moderate communities for community solar projects;
  • Organize the Austin Cool House Tour, a collaboration with Austin Energy’s Green Building Program, held annually since 1997;
  • Provide grants to our chapters in Austin, North Texas, Houston, El Paso and San Antonio to educate more Texans about the relentless benefits of solar energy;
  • Enable pathways to jobs and opportunities for advancement in solar energy for women and students of color throughout the state;
  • Educate rural electric cooperatives and small utilities about the benefits of community solar;
  • Monitor and engage with relevant state and local policies that affect solar energy opportunities in Texas through our Policy Committee (open to Silver, Gold and Platinum business members).
  • Connect with low-to-moderate income and underserved populations so they can be solar consumers; and
  • Maintain an energetic social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Engage with us!

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